Rational or Emotional

Dear Jitt, the 144-tweet is never enough to express my words. I also doubt that you would have time to read it carefully. Probably just pass it and jump to read others which is written in your language. Mother language would be always touch heart and expressing personal feeling completely.

It was a long day for me today. I decide to pick up again my painting brush. I am gonna draw something about you. You would be the main role in the story and i'm the one to decide the topic. I will refer to your images posted on twitter and put them into the drawing. Hopefully, i would make it as a drawing story so that you could view the drawings and also have the story in mind. I have to make sure that you would understand the story in the drawing without a word. I'll try it and you will see.

btw, i am trying and learning to sing the song you guys sing for the film. (สบตา)

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