Life Goal

How do i do to find out my life goal. i seem tracing someone else's life all the time and feel emotions from people's feedback or none feedback. That makes me feel frustrated often. I wanna be independent in my mind. How to save myself at a easy and happy position.

Always believe that i will be having the best thing. 



My life has had some changes since a month ago. I spend lots of time on my pc and care about messages from some people who i don't really know in my real life. Went to a movie of "Girl we had chased for those days", and i am impressed in the director's enthusiasm and passionate on what he lives. Also, i addicted to read "online story" as accidentally had a glare at one popular Taiwan online story writer named "Yuwo". And, now i am reading 1/2 prince every day and night. Those things couldn't just happened for no reason. I should seriously to think about my interests but not just make for living. The point is, what thing would always keep my attention and i would spend time on it. ??

I met friends for dinner this evening. Had a beer and one smoke. Feel quite relax and pleasant to see friends who i haven't seen for few months.


1/2 Prince

Reading 1/2 Prince written by Yuwo, a 100% Taiwan girl. That is a story posted online and that is also a thing i feel uncomfortable to read online. I would prefer to read "book" instead of "online". I would get red eyes while reading on computer for more than an hour.
Sometimes thinking to be a story writer, but have no idea how to create a story.



A peaceful day with heavy raining in the afternoon. Happy with the heavy rain as it was washing my car which i have leave it in dust for quite a while. 
I have learned something today in the meeting. He is absolutely right on most of what he says and i hope he did do self-examination like he said. The point is he actually talking something that i was thinking. It is kinda finding sort of answer from it.

Drawing is pretty fun. Found people or things in detail by observing carefully for drawing.


Roles in life

Everyone wants to be a leading role in their real life. Who wants to be a co-star? We actually play for 2 roles at least in our life. Your fans decide you are a leading role or a co-star. How to get more fans to follow you?

Since when i am addicted to computer after work? Because i am trying to be a leading role at somewhere else which is completely different my real life. Sometimes i doubt what i am looking for from this virtual world and wondering which part is connecting to the real me.


Rational or Emotional

Dear Jitt, the 144-tweet is never enough to express my words. I also doubt that you would have time to read it carefully. Probably just pass it and jump to read others which is written in your language. Mother language would be always touch heart and expressing personal feeling completely.

It was a long day for me today. I decide to pick up again my painting brush. I am gonna draw something about you. You would be the main role in the story and i'm the one to decide the topic. I will refer to your images posted on twitter and put them into the drawing. Hopefully, i would make it as a drawing story so that you could view the drawings and also have the story in mind. I have to make sure that you would understand the story in the drawing without a word. I'll try it and you will see.

btw, i am trying and learning to sing the song you guys sing for the film. (สบตา)


Coziness & Adventure

It is too bad that i couldn't listen to you on air every night. My network is in low speed at home. You must be so loving ur job of DJ, even you don't feel well today and your face shows that you are sick person obviously. 

I am looking for myself every day, especially having connecting with you via msg. (well, so far, only i'm giving you msg. without reply from you personally.) Lately, i watched a DVD of "the social network" and i love the story as well. The film also arose my ambitiousness to find out my favorite thing to do. However, i feel that i am stuck with the current situation that i am not brave enough to jump out the cozy circle. What will take me out of the cozy circle and bring into adventures.