Raining day...

i am not sure what i am doing lately. Trying hard to draw your attention, but unsuccessful. Those messages i sent as throwing stone into a pound without anything return... I even type in Japanese words to get your attention. I feel i am so childish at this moment.


Sick itching

My neck seems get something allergic. Crazily itching. Thought to go for a doctor this evening, but i feel much better today. Then, lazy to see a doctor. Probably the cool weather calms the itching. And if i take shower with cool water, i feel better than shower in warm water.

i found 2 interesting painting in the movie Y/N. I sketch it on a memo before i forget.


Typhoon Party

Before attending to a SGI meeting this evening, i went for Nan-tou noodles as my dinner. i found that i forgot to have my money with me when i finish the dish. That was so embarrassing and i made big promise to the boss that i will definitely come back with money. They smiled at me and said no problem; they are so kind. i, of course, go home and come back with the money in a very short time.

There is a board in front of a pub, which located next to the noodle restaurant. i glanced at it and found something interesting while eating. The board says "Typhoon Part 2 Days" ^^ The typhoon is actually not so much affect my city tho. We all have to work today...



There is a typhoon come visiting Taiwan this weekend and will bring tons of rains for the following days.

Went for a SGI meeting this morning and watched 2 films at home. Enjoyed and satisfied with the relaxing time. Will i have a sweet dream tonight?


Go swimming

i went to a pool for swimming this afternoon. It is always feeling good to do some excise. I love the pool near my house. it makes me feel like on a vacation, tall trees and friendly sidewalk, fresh breath and quite relax.

Aom & Jittaleela will be coming over Taiwan again on 3rd of Sept. That is quite exciting for Taiwan fans as they just visited Taiwan 2 weeks ago. Probably Taiwan people (including the fans) present their enthusiasm in a different but good way. So, they are willing to visit Taiwan again in a short time. Or, like they joked, they are coming here for money. ^^


Boring life

My work is boring, my life is damn not interesting. Currently, the best part of my life would the SGI activities. It sounds a little bit sad, but i at least could get something for my soul from the SGI.

I found friends are having their soul-mate one after another. Yet, i am still finding no one. An ex-coworker invite me to attend her wedding in October. When i reply to her that i will be there alone, she is feeling anxious for me without any speech. The more couples in front of me, the more lonely feeling i would get. That upsets me very much and couldn't even cheer myself up by singing songs. Even feel nothing at all, when a car hit my back as i was waiting for the signal light. Tragic me, begging someone to help but get no feedback at all. Sadly day.


Hair Cut

Went to a hair cut yesterday. A brand new style, super short. i am not able to accept it after coming home. However, the 1st word i got from the breakfast shop is good compliment. i was so glad with it. Maybe i was too happy, so forgot to grab my breakfast with me after paying the money.

Sill, some people are not used to my short hair and only comment me "you look like a boy"...kinda sad for that sentence. i, myself, feel this hair style is quite fashion tho. ^^

Make my day

You have made me a good day and you might not noticed it. My feeling is so light, even if my body weight is exceeded standard. ^^ As a light emotion, i made happiness phone calls to few friends and invite them to attend a meaningful meeting.

My thought has been changed by some people who i don't know them in my real life. Trying to be a friend of them via presenting my modest and courtesy. Hope we could share life and stories to each other from time to time.


Study hard

"Studying=Student+dying" someone posted on twitter. Funny and true.
i have never studied thai language so hard as these days. All have to blame was that i click on the film of "yes or no". After viewing the movie, twice, i have been searching for any video and connection about them. These 2 young man distribute fresh and youthful atmosphere. Quite love that feeling.


Love & Happiness

"If love is easy to get, then everyone found their happiness already." --- this is one of the classical words from movie "yes or no". That is so true and i am one of those been finding happiness. I thought that would be somewhere far away from my mother town. So, i fly to the US and thought that i would find someone. Indeed, i found someone, actually two, and both of them left me. i have no regret and wish tons of happiness for them.